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Every holiday on the calendar, I check in a hotel and fast - I don't eat, I don't drink, I don't talk. Dick Gregory

Every man who possibly can should force himself to a holiday of a full month in a year, whether he feels like taking it or not. William Jame

Every time someone gives their child a hug this holiday season, they're thinking of Joshua. That's why there's this common grief. Ronald Stearney Jr

Father's Day is an interesting holiday because a lot of Dads don't go out and say that this is what they really want. Brian Lucas

For me, I think everybody with half a heart tries to do their best to do their part of good during the holiday season. Darren Criss

For me, one of the greatest things about living in the United States is that we have a national holiday - Thanksgiving Day - dedicated to honoring gratitude. Having gratitude is one of the keys to a happy life. Let every day be a day of profound thanksgiving. Jonathan Lockwood Huie

For the holiday babies, we put stockings on their beds. Lisa Knapp

From 1971 onwards, the Memorial Day holiday was officially observed on the last Monday in May and became the unofficial start of the summer, with barbecues, blockbuster movie openings and mattress sales. Allen Wes

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always go all-out with my costumes. Ginnifer Goodwin

He capers, he dances, he has eyes of youth; he writes verses, he speaks holiday, he smells April and May. Shakespeare

He liked the people, the mothers and dads, he liked the children. Every holiday they would bring him cards and candy. They loved him. Beverly Maloney

Hence! Home, you idle creatures, get you home! Is this a holiday? Shakespeare

Holiday hell is a cruise. Once you're on board, you're trapped! Jack Higgins

Holiday seasons are always very promotional and are always highly competitive. We expect that and plan on being competitive in that environment. Lena Michaud

Holiday? Is like, what? I'm a hyperactive girl, so it may be boring for me to be on the beach doing nothing. I just need to find a place for three weeks and work but sleep in the morning, maybe write a little bit, have a glass of red wine. That's my perfect holiday. Melanie Laurent

I absolutely adore Thanksgiving. It's the only holiday I insist on making myself. Ina Garten

I agree that Dr. King contributed to civil rights. What I don't agree with is that the only way you can celebrate civil rights is another government holiday. Scott Case

I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a new group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again. Eddie Redmayne

I do not read SF as much as I used to. It's too much like a busman's holiday. Jack L. Chalker

I don't need a holiday or a feast to feel grateful for my children, the sun, the moon, the roof over my head, music, and laughter, but I like to take this time to take the path of thanks less traveled. Paula Poundstone

I don't need to wait for someone to tell me it's a holiday or a day to eat turkey. I eat turkey almost every day. I don't need to wait to buy something for someone. Julio Franco

I don't think any other holiday embraces the food of the Midwest quite like Thanksgiving. There's roasted meat and mashed potatoes. But being here is also about heritage. Cleveland is really a giant melting pot - not only is my family a melting pot, but so is the city. Michael Symon

I don't think I've had a holiday in my entire life that wasn't about my dad's work. Kat Denning

I don't want to go to the Bahamas on holiday. I hate islands. I want to go to Brittany, where it's cold and raining, and there's nothing fancy about it. Julie Delpy

I drove 3,500 miles this summer on our family holiday, we drove across 10 countries. I have driven across the United States four times. I love cars, I love being in cars, I think so do most people. I want to help and support those people who have that same kind of enthusiasm for driving that I have. Geoff Hoon


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