Alarahan is situated between the villages of Incekum and Okurcalar about 38km north-west of Alanya. It lies on the banks of the Alara river and is only a short 8 or 9 km drive inland from the D400, the main Antalya-Alanya road.

The remains of Alara Castle can be seen in the photo below. The castle is built on a very steep cone shaped rock and must have been very intimidating to potential invaders in the past. The entrance to Alara castle must be approached via secret tunnels in the rock. If you plan to visit it, wear sensible shoes or boots since it takes around 45 minutes to climb to the top. The tunnels can be dark in places, so it is recommended that you take a torch with you.


Alara Castle

Alara Castle

Once you reach the top, there are beautiful views of the Alara river and the Alarahan Caravansary (Alarahan Caravanserai) below.

Alara River     Alarahan Caravansary

    Alara River                                                            Alarahan Caravansary

Built in 1231, the Alarahan Caravansary served traders and merchants for hundreds of years. This continued until the decline of the Silk Road, a once popular trading route of an ancient Chinese civilization that linked Europe and Asia. After this decline, the Alarahan Caravansary was abandoned and later used as sleeping quarters by members of the Mevlevi Order also known as Whirling Dervishes.

Today, the Alarahan Caravansary is now an important tourist attraction and is probably one of the best preserved caravansaries in Turkey. It is also the first restored caravansary in the world under the Silk Road scheme. The restoration has led to Alarahan being included in the world heritage list by the world tourism organization.


The Restoration Presentation of Alarahan

The Alarahan Caravansary which was built in 1231 is mostly ruins since it has not been used properly since the 19th century. The transformation of the historical buildings into usable residences is the most effective method for protection.

The historical buildings are the collective property not only of the countries over which they are located but also of humanity and preventing damage of the historical buildings in the course of their utilization.

It is to these ends that the restoration of Alarahan Caravansary has been realised in accordance with the provisions of the Enice Regulation which includes the fulfilment of restorations.

The restoration which lasted for two years was done under the supervision of the Board of Auditing for the protection of the cultural and natural riches of Antalya attached to the General Directorate of Wakfs.

Wakf is a permanent dedication of movable or immovable properties for religious, pious or charitable purposes as recognized by Muslim Law, given by philanthropists. The grant is known as mushrut-ul-khidmat, while a person making such dedication is known as Wakf.

The functions of the of the project directorate has been carried out by Miss Fatima Eren in consultations with Prof D. Aysil Yavuz Tukel and assistant professor Emre Madran. The restoration works have been fulfilled by the Pusat Architectural that has leased the construction for a period of 49 years under “restore, manage and transfer the building.”


The Alarahan Inscription

Three parts of the inscription located within the arched part of the entrance door of the inn disappeared. The presentation of the inn is made by the following text within the present part.

(The disappeared part) – The biggest

The great Sultan of the Sultans.

His nations are the owner of the necks

The Master of the Arabian and the Persian Sultans

Fair Sultan, the conqueror of the world towns,

The Sultan of the land, sea, Greek, Damascus

Armenian and sunrise

The better of the world, son of religion promoter, Keykubat

The son of  Kılıç Arslan, Keyhüsrev 

The friend of the believers Emir


As well as the castle and the caravansary, there are a number of other amenities in the area including fishing, swimming, mud baths, specialized massage and aromatherapy.


Mudbath in Alarahan

Mudbath in Alarahan


Alarahan Spa     Kids Play Area

Alarahan Spa                                                            Kids Play Area



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